Bailey is the more relaxed, unfocused of the Hendrickson Sisters.

The Creation of Bailey Hendrickson

Bailey was a pretty easy character to come up with and maintain. I just thought of what I would like to say, do, wear, be interested in. How tough or stupid I would be. Sometimes while writing the script I would like to throw in speeches, or random acts. Bailey and Laura's speeches are a shock to the audience, when they see this stupid characters say smart things. Some of the random acts are based on real experiences.

Bailey is also a nerd, but she hides it. She is a fighter, and a leader. Even though Laura is the smarter of the two, Bailey usually takes command.

Bailey's Ideas

One of Bailey's most detailed ideas was the Really Good Wood HeadQuarters That Are Super Fun And Exciting And Now Febreze Free Cause That Crap Doesn't Work To Hold Off Trenovians. Otherwise known as TRGWHQTASFAEANFFCTCDWTHOT. Oh, and Coconut Fun Bun!

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