Fontonamoure JohnCassa Wagonblaster, sometimes known as Naan, was born in Everett, Washington in the year 2000. As a super villain of the Shadowers, her prime directive is to get her hands on the Purple Ball Orb-y Thing-y. Seeming to be working for the overlord Radan, she tries to outsmart the Floyd Sisters. But their determination to protect the Purple Ball Orb-y Thing-y will prevail.

Fontonamoure says she is working for Radan, but really she wants the Purple Ball Orb-y Thing-y all to herself.

The Creation of Fontonamoure

During the summer of 2009, the cast of The Shadowers, Bailey, Laura, and Sahara Hendrickson worked to create some sort of show, or play that they could build up, and actually work with. They developed something called Melto Tien. Which in Bailey's secret language means the Mind Team. Bailey's own character, was renamed Bailius Taylorian. And Laura's Laurian Christinan. Sahara named her character Fontonamoure Johncassa. When Bailey wrote the new script for the Shadowers, she kept Sahara's character as Fontonamoure, but made her the evil villain.

Fontonamoure's Dance

During the second writing meeting, for the creation of Fontonamoure, director Bailey Hendrickson decided that she wanted a wicked awesome dance. Right after her SHALL speech. The dance was choreographed after the dance Michael C. Hall performed as Ken Castle in the movie Gamer. The entire dance was finished, Laura Hendrickson had composed the music for it and everything, but Bailey didn't like the interpretive-ness of the dance, it was completely re-designed. Music has not been re-composed for it as of now.

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