The Purple Ball Orb-y Thing-y is a mysterious ball, stolen from the Trenovians from Bailey and Laura. The PBOT is wanted by everyone for it's uber powerful power. Especially by the evil Fontonamoure, and her even more evil employer, Radan.

The Making of the PBOT

At first we had no clue what we were going to use for the Purple Ball Orb-y Thing-y. In our minds we imagined a giant marble thing, that gave off a erie purple light. But the budget was under ten dollars. It's all my allowance would let us use. We searched for over a month. While in Michael's, a craft store, I was looking at the styrofoam balls, thinking I would paint one purple. Walking around the store I discovered the ball we would use for our PBOT. It was purple, and rubber, with thousands of 'hairs'. The best part was it lit up. I was overjoyed.

That week we had our first recital with it. We choreographed Fontonamoure's dance scene, the insane dancing ended up popping our Purple Ball Orb-y Thing-y. I went back to Michael's to find a new one, but they weren't selling them anymore. Getting nervous I went to another Michael's. Luckily they had some. We got a new one. We save the new one strictly for filming. And the popped one for practice.

The Power of the Purple Ball Orb-y Thing-y

So far, no information has been released on the power of the PBOT. Laura insists that it is very, very powerful. We'll just have to wait and see.

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